Master TPTI (Visiting scholar)


Master TPTI (Visiting scholar)

Master TPTI (Visiting scholar)

alarm Lancement :

15/10/2020 à 08h00

schedule Clôture :

28/02/2021 à 23h59


Fuseau horaire : Europe/Paris
The Erasmus Mundus program offers 3 - 4  research fellowships that last for a duration of 4 - 6 weeks. Researchers and professors are free to propose any project aimed at extending our understanding of techniques and technical heritage. The program proposes three themes for research: "Craftsmanship practices, shared knowledge and connected heritage" (Paris 1 Pantheon Sorbonne), "Heritage of Industry" (Padua),  "Landscapes, Heritage and the Social Practices Connected with Them" (Evora). The fellowship stay may be done in one or more of these universities, depending on the research requirements for the project.


Only non-European researchers can apply.
Applicants must have a doctorate and be researchers or be attached to a higher education institution.
During their stay, those who have been awarded this fellowship are invited to participate in the collective activities of the program by:
- presenting work in a seminar;
- organizing a session for the students of the master's degree;
- participating in ongoing activities conntected with the university (studies, conferences, visits, etc.)."

Financial conditions:

Scholarship awards range from 4800 € to 7200 €  according to the duration of stay for the research (4 to 6 weeks). Travel  costs are included in this amount.